The Blogs Love It!

Well KDeezy fans, it's about that time. Let's talk about the latest updates on this awesome newly released EP. "Mr.KnowDat" is already raking in attention from admiring bloggers. In his newest post on the music's lovers blog HotNewHipHop, Angus Walker chimes in with KDeezy's previous accolades. He acknowledges "The Baddest" and "Not4play". The blogger then goes on to applaud the work and creativity put into another hot single "Mr.KnowDat" produced to perfection by GoldieeBeats. He states "He raps with the flow of a tried-and-true freestyler" and "it's his clever lyricism that will make him stand out in the competitive ATL scene". The writer closes with the same advice I would give, Go Listen to the entire Ep! You will not regret it.....Know dat! Video also, available here on the peoples source for all things KDeezy.

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