KDeezy Hits the blogs once again!!

“Ha! Success!” the exact words that leave KDeezy’s mouth when he realizes his most recent single “The Baddest” featuring Deje Kelly, has caught the attention of HotNewHipHop.com yet again. His prior release “Not 4 Play” initially landed him on the HEATSEEKERS rating, and now “The Baddest” has followed with no disappointments. The music enthusiast(blogger) lets the viewers/listeners know in his own words how diverse KDeezy as well as this track is, as this slow paced song caters to the ladies. He also comments on how little is known about KDeezy, in which KDeezy responds, “It’s all a matter of time.” With the mixtape on the way, HotNewHipHop.com and fans can bet on seeing more VERY HOTTTTT ratings and many blogs.