Mr. KnowDat 2 Available on all streaming platforms!!!!

KDZY releases his highly anticipated mixtape entitled; "Mr. KnowDat 2". Laced with 13 tracks of self engineered work. Featuring singles like "You Know", Buss a move", and "Progress". This project is sure to be one you wont want to pass up on. The diverse artist, also expresses his ability to sing as he can cross over with smooth mellow tones yet creating a vibe that makes you want to move with his unique approach and original style of flow. He opens the project with his promo track entitled "While We Wait Pt.2", followed by his intro "Welcome"; these two tracks both are filled with plenty of metaphors and wordplay which are jaw dropping for the listener. songs such as "wrong Impression" and "The Mood" showcase the lyrical artists diverse story telling as well as singing skills as he raps and sings during the verses and hook. Be sure to check this project out and subscribe to our youtube channel KDZY Television. Also, RSVP with us here on Enjoy... #KnowDat